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  • Professor Toyota excels in fundamental research on the ground mechanics and has published papers in international academic journals. Furthermore, as the leading person on the laboratory soil tests, the professor has chaired the committee to establish many JIS standards. Dr. Takada is a reliable person who solves the experimental troubles. The professor is always looking after his students not only for studying but also for everyday life.
  • Hirofumi TOYOTA (Professor, Dr.eng., Tokyo University)
    • E-mail :toyota.jpg
  • Susumu TAKADA (Technical Staff, Dr.eng., Nagaoka University of Technology)
    • E-mail :takada2.jpg
  • Student
    • Doctoral degree --- 5 people (4 people from outside of Japan)
    • Master degree --- 9 people (5 people from outside of Japan)
    • Bachelor degree --- 3 people
    • Research student --- 2 people (2 people from outside of Japan)

Research Content

  • We are conducting research regarding the ground that supports our living infrastructure. Japan has limited narrow national land and has been suffered by many natural disasters. Therefore, it is necessary to use effectively the underground space and to form the resilient ground against natural disasters. In the response to these needs, we have contributed to provide the results based on fundamental study with taking advantage of University’s strengths. In particular, we are conducting laboratory soil element tests on sand and clay, and model tests on liquefaction and ground vibration. We are striving to study hard to provide safe and secure in our everyday life.

A Day in the Lab

  • Students in the laboratory are conducting experimental works to obtain new findings. Therefore, we use our time to prepare the samples for experiments, to check data, and to establish experimental programs. It sometimes takes long time to get the data from experiments. However, it is possible to use time effectively by making plan considering work-life balance. Consequently, we can also acquire a schedule management ability. Besides research, there are some events such as ball games, conference presentations, and watching fireworks. In these events, all students in the laboratory are working together and enjoying themselves with full power!

Articles of our study


  • Elementary test *1
    • Triaxial test --- x4
    • Triaxial test with medium size specimen --- x1
    • Tortional test --- x2
    • Box shear test with medium size specimen --- x1
  • Another elementary test
    • Box shear test --- x1
    • Ring shear test --- x1
    • Unconfined compression test --- x3
    • Consolidation test
    • Bender Element test
    • Local strain test
    • Every kind of physical test
  • Application test
    • One dimensional pulse wave controlled shaking table --- x2
    • Screw weight sounding test
    • Dynamic cone penetration test
    • In-situ density test
    • In-situ pumping test of under ground water

Graduated student (Since 2008)

Vietnam D3/M8/B5*2Mexico B2Thailand D2China D1/B1/R1Senegal M2

Mongolia B1Cambodia M1Malaysia B1Laos M1German R1

Kenya M1Bangladesh M1

Major employers of Graduates

  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
  • Niigata Prefecture
  • Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency
  • East Japan Railway Company
  • Central Japan Railway Company
  • Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited
  • Kajima Co., Ltd.
  • Shimizu Co., Ltd.
  • Obayashi Co., Ltd.
  • Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.

*1 They can conduct saturated and unsaturated test
*2 D:Doctor, M:Master, B:Bachelor, R:Research student, Numbers:Graduated student

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