Tomohiro HOSHINO

Experimental study on deformation characteristic of wire brush.

Supervisor Mitsutaka SUGIMOTO

Today, shield tunnels have been constructed in deeper underground with sharp curve, as underground structures in urban area become congested. Furthermore, segment become thinner and wider for saving its cost. Consequently, stress in segment during construction tends to increase and then segment damage during construction is increased.
The predominant force among construction loads is tail force. In this study, to clarify the spring constant of the wire brush classified into the tail power and the frictional drag of the wire brush and iron, the wire brush deformation tests were conducted. The number of wire brush (0, 1peice), the horizontal speed of bottom plate (10,30,50 mm/min), and the tail clearance (decrease: 75-1mm, fixation: 55, 35, 15, 1mm) were adopted as test parameters.
As a results, the followings were made clear: 1) the frictional constant between wire brush and steel is 0.368; 2) the empirical equation of deformation characteristics of wire brush was proposed.

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