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Yoneyama silt is a kind of lateritic soil and located in Nigata prefecture, Japan. This sandy silt is usually employed as a cohesive soil in some saturated and unsaturated research (1,2,3,4). After testing, the soil becomes hard and dry blocks. We conducted to crush these blocks in 2018, May, 24th. The weather was a little bit cloudy in the morning and sunny in the afternoon. We hope that some new great study can be carried out by using this useful Yoneyama_clay in future.


 作業内容の説明  元の試料です  ミキサーの使い方説明  ゴリゴリします
 下準備完了  叩いて砕きましょう  0.85mmでふるいましょう  床一面こぼれてます
 楽しそうですね  できあがり!!