Construction site of the water storage pipe (October,2017) 


On 16th of October in 2017, our lab members visited the construction site of the second water storage pipe in the Oishi Sewage District. This construction was ordered by Niigata city, and it is currently being carried out by the joint venture of 4 construction companies: Maeda, Sato, Kyowa, and Ono. In recent years, the damage caused by flooding has often occurred in this area because urbanization is progressing. Therefore, this work aims to reduce flood damage by building storm water storage pipe in the underground by shield tunnelling method. The characteristics of this work is to take countermeasures to methane gas in the underground, such as a special ventilation method, a gas detection system, and a explosion proof specification on the shield machine.
We entered to the launching shaft, arrival shaft, and the inside of the shield machine. We can’t usually observe it. So, it was very valuable opportunity to see all this. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to every person who
made this field trip possible. We appreciate the fact that we were given this chance in such a busy season.

日 時:平成29年10月16日(月)14-17時
場 所:新潟市
発注者:新潟市 下水道部 東部地域下水道事務所
概 要:泥土加圧シールド,セグメント内径3.25m,距離2011m