Hiroyuki IWASAKI

Simulation of Articulated Shield Behavior Based on Kinematic Shield Model in Consideration of Influence of Back Fill Grouting and Mud Pressure

Mitsutaka SUGIMOTO

It is confirmed that the kinematic shield model can express actual shield behaviors through the previous researches.
By the way, according to construction records and the past researches, it is supposed that the intrusion of back-fill grouting into the tail clearlance and the existence of slurry around skin plate may affect the shield behavior. These influences on shield behavior are obvious especially at sharp curve where articulated shield is applied. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the model which can express these influences in detail.
In this research, the model, which can take account of a distribution of intrusion of back-fill grouting in circumference direction at shield tail and that of slurry pressure in longitudinal direction around skin plate, was developed, based on the previous articulated shield kinematic model. And the qualitative evaluation of these influences on shield behavior was performed by the numerical experiments where the distribution of adhesion of back-fill grouting and that of slurry were adopted as test parameters. Consequently, the influence of both factors on shield behavior and its mechanism were made clear.