Simulation on DPLEX Shield Behavior in Inclined Layer in Transverse Direction

Mitsutaka SUGIMOTO

To simulate DPLEX shield behavior, the shield kinematic model for DPLEX shield was newly developed, based on the existing shield kinematic model. Especially, the acting force model on cutter face is a new one, since the cutting mechanism of cutter face is different between conventional shield and DPLEX shield. The performance of the new model was discussed by comparing the predicted DPLEX shield behavior with the measured one. Furthermore, the algorithm to calculate the geological structure with inclined layer in transverse direction was developed.
The followings were concluded by this research: 1) By extension of the existing shield kinematic model, the kinematic shield model for DPLEX shield was newly developed. It was confirmed that the new model could simulate DPLEX shield behavior. 2) By using the newly developed algorithm, the influence of inclined layer in transverse direction on shield behavior can be represented.