Katsuhito NARITA

Prediction on 3D Ground Movement due to sheld tunnelling by Displacement Boundary obtained from Kinematic Shield Model

Mitsutaka SUGIMOTO

The ground movement due to shield tunnelling can be categorized into 4 parts, i.e., before cutter face,
around shield, just behind tail, and long term settlement. The prediction method on the ground
movement around the shield in transverse direction during shield tunnelling had been proposed by using
displacement boundary, which is obtained by the kinematic shield model. In this study, the prediction
method on ground movement due to the rest three parts was investigated, in case of stiff ground. And
the predicted ground movement is discussed, comparing it with the measured one.
As a result, the followings were made clear: 1) the face pressure obtained by the kinematic shield model
could provide the ground movement before cutter face. 2) the length of 3D effect due to shield tail is
about 2 times shield diameter. 3) the long term settlement in case of stiff ground can be determined by the
grouting rate, the breeding rate of grout, and the deformation of grouting. To predict the whole ground
movement in longitudinal direction, the further research is necessary.