Design Method of Shield Tunnel Lining Considering Ground-Lining Interaction

Mitsutaka SUGIMOTO

The earth pressure acting on the lining is constant irrespective of
the deformation of the surrounding ground in the design of shield lining,
while that depends on the surrounding ground displacement in the design
of NATM lining. This paper proposes a new design method on shield lining,
which can represent the both earth pressures, by considering the interaction
between tunnel lining and surrounding ground.

The parameter studies on the ground conditions, the segment structure
conditions, and the construction conditions were carried out to examine
the influence of them to the sectional force of segment. Furthermore,
the segment lining for deep ground shield tunnel was designed by the
conventional design method and the proposed one to discuss the performance
of them. Consequently, the followings were found: 1) the proposed method
can evaluate the interaction between ground and tunnel lining precisely; and 2)
rigid lining is applicable for soft ground, while flexible lining is applicable
for stiff ground.